Turkey Hunting in PA: When You Can Hunt All Day and Where to Find the Best Spots


Turkey hunting is a popular pastime in Pennsylvania, with thousands of hunters taking to the woods every year. However, not all days are created equal when it comes to hunting these elusive birds. If you’re wondering when you can hunt turkey all day in PA, read on.

The Regular Spring Turkey Season

The regular spring turkey season in Pennsylvania typically runs for four weeks from late April through May. During this time, hunting hours are limited to one-half hour before sunrise until noon daily, except for the last two Saturdays when hunters may hunt turkeys all day long.

The Junior and Senior Spring Gobbler Seasons

Pennsylvania also offers separate junior and senior spring gobbler seasons that run concurrently with the regular spring turkey season. During these special seasons, young hunters can take to the woods on certain days and enjoy longer shooting hours than during the regular season.

The Fall Turkey Season

In addition to the spring turkey season, Pennsylvania also has a fall turkey season that runs from mid-October through mid-November. Unlike the spring season where only bearded turkeys (males) are legal game, both male and female turkeys can be hunted during fall season hours which are one-half hour before sunrise until sunset each day.


While there are several different times throughout the year where you may have an opportunity to hunt turkeys all day long in Pennsylvania depending on what type of license you possess or other regulations that apply at any given time – but those opportunities remain limited by specific dates or length of time available so make sure you consult with your local Game Commission office before heading out into Penn’s Woods!