Wisconsin Bear Hunting Season: Dates and Regulations


Wisconsin is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including black bears. Every year, hunters gather in the state to take part in bear hunting season. The question that many people ask is, “When does bear hunting start?”

The Date for Bear Hunting Season

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources typically releases the dates for bear hunting season in early spring. For 2021, the season starts on September 8th and ends on October 12th. However, it’s important to note that certain zones may have different opening and closing dates.

Requirements for Bear Hunting

Before heading out into the woods with your rifle or bow and arrow, there are specific requirements you must meet to legally hunt black bears in Wisconsin. First and foremost, you need a valid Class A bear license which can only be obtained through a lottery system. You also need to complete a hunter education course before applying for your license.

Safety Tips during Bear Hunting Season

Bear hunting can be an exciting experience but safety should always come first. It’s recommended that hunters wear brightly colored clothing so they are easily visible in wooded areas while also being aware of their surroundings at all times as surprise encounters with bears do happen.

In conclusion,

If you’re planning on participating in this year’s bear hunting season or considering it sometime down the road, make sure you apply early enough for your Class A license and take necessary precautions when heading out into the woods- following all guidelines provided by regulatory agencies such as DNR (Department Of Natural Resources). Happy Hunting!