Bird Hunting Season 101: When Does It Start and How to Prepare?


Hunting has been a popular outdoor activity for many people. However, it is important to know when bird hunting season starts to avoid any legal consequences and ensure the safety of birds.

Regulations on Bird Hunting Season

Bird hunting season varies from state to state and depends on several factors such as species of bird, location, and population size. It is best to check with your local wildlife agency or department of natural resources about regulations regarding bird hunting in your area.

Bird Species Allowed for Hunting

Not all birds are allowed for hunting during bird hunting season. Some commonly hunted birds include doves, quails, ducks, geese, turkey and pheasants. However, certain species may be protected by law due to their endangered status or low population numbers.

Safety Precautions During Bird Hunting Season

Safety should always be a top priority while engaging in any type of hunting activity. Before heading out into the field during bird hunting season make sure you have the necessary equipment such as appropriate firearms and protective gear like earplugs and eye protection. Avoid drinking alcohol while handling firearms as this can impair judgement leading to accidents that could harm others in your group.


In conclusion it’s important that hunters educate themselves before going out into the field during bird-hunting season to ensure they are following all relevant laws and guidelines set forth by their local authorities . Remembering these tips will help keep everyone safe while enjoying this popular outdoor hobby!