When Does Bow Hunting End in Wisconsin? Marking the Conclusion


Wisconsin is a popular destination for bow hunting enthusiasts. The state’s diverse terrain and abundant wildlife provide excellent opportunities for hunters looking to test their skills. However, it’s important for hunters to be aware of the official end date of the season so they can plan accordingly. In this blog post, we will explore when bow hunting ends in Wisconsin.

The End Date of Bow Hunting Season

In Wisconsin, the end date of bow hunting season varies depending on the type of game you are hunting. For deer hunters, the season typically ends in early January. However, if you’re interested in pursuing other types of game such as turkey or small game animals like rabbits and squirrels, there may be different dates to keep in mind. It’s always best to check with your local Department of Natural Resources office or consult online resources before heading out into the field.

Why It’s Important To Know The End Date Of Bow Hunting Season

Knowing when bow hunting season ends can help hunters avoid legal trouble while ensuring that they aren’t taking part in activities that could negatively impact animal populations or habitats during sensitive times of year. Additionally, being aware of seasonal variations can allow hunters to adjust their tactics based on weather patterns and other factors that might impact success rates.


Bow hunting is an exciting sport enjoyed by many people around Wisconsin. Knowing when it officially ends allows hunters to make plans accordingly and ensure compliance with regulations set forth by DNR officials who work hard every day promoting responsible outdoor recreation practices across all seasons!