When Does Bow Hunting in Wisconsin Start? Mark Your Calendar!


As hunting season approaches, many hunters are eager to know when they can start their bow hunting in Wisconsin. Bow hunting is a popular sport among outdoor enthusiasts in Wisconsin, and it’s essential to stay informed about the regulations and requirements before hitting the woods. In this blog post, we’ll discuss when you can start your bow hunting adventure in Wisconsin.

The Bow Hunting Season Dates

In Wisconsin, bow hunting season typically starts on September 12th and runs through January 3rd of the following year. However, it’s important to note that different areas may have alternative dates for their seasons depending on factors such as deer population levels or conservation efforts. Hunters should always check with local authorities to ensure they’re aware of any changes that may occur.

License Requirements for Bow Hunting

Before going out into the wilds of Wisconsin for a hunt, make sure you have all the necessary licenses required by law – including your archery license! You need an annual license from DNR (Department Of Natural Resources) for $24 if you want to hunt deer with a bow; this covers both residents and non-residents alike. Additionally, certain restrictions apply if you’ve been convicted of certain offenses or had previous violations related to wildlife management practices.

Rules & Regulations To Follow During Bow Hunting

Wisconsin has specific rules in place regarding what types of bows can be used while hunting and set up guidelines on how arrows must be labeled with an individual’s personal information. Hunters also must follow regulations regarding bag limits (the number of animals one person can harvest), reporting requirements after harvests take place so state officials can track populations more effectively than ever before!


If you’re looking forward to starting your bow-hunting journey soon in beautiful state like Wisconsin but aren’t quite sure where exactly to begin or what requirements need to be met – we hope that the information provided in this post has given you a better idea of when it’s legal, how to get licensed and follow regulations properly. Happy Hunting!