When Does Bow Hunting Season Start? Stay Prepared!


If you’re someone who enjoys hunting, then the approaching season must be an exciting time for you. With so many different types of hunting out there, it can be tough to keep track of when each one starts and ends. Bow hunting is a popular activity that requires intense focus and precision. That’s why knowing when bow hunting season begins is essential for anyone looking forward to taking part in this sport.

The Start Date

Bow hunting season typically starts around September or October and lasts until late December or early January (depending on your location). However, determining the exact date isn’t always straightforward because state laws vary regarding opening dates for bow hunters. For example, some states allow private landowners to start their bow hunts earlier than public lands.

Preparing for Bow Hunting Season

It’s important to prepare yourself adequately before heading out into the field during bow hunting season. First things first, ensure that you have all required licenses and permits up-to-date; otherwise, you might get fined by game wardens while in pursuit of your hunt! Next step – bring along all necessary equipment such as bows & arrows with extra strings just in case something breaks mid-hunt; binoculars or range finders (optional), camouflage clothing appropriate footwear since staying hidden from prey is key here!

Tips For Staying Safe During Bow Hunting Season

Hunting using a bow can be dangerous; therefore, safety should remain at the forefront of your mind throughout the entire experience. One fundamental rule – never use broadheads with moving parts (such as expandables) when archery night lighting regulations are in effect- these tend to cause excessive damage compared with fixed-blade heads designed explicitly for archery seasons.
Also remember; alcohol consumption during any outdoor activities like this never ends well! Therefore avoid drinking before going on a hunt.


In conclusion, bow hunting season can be a thrilling and rewarding experience for anyone who loves the thrill of the hunt. Always do your research to find out when the season starts in your state and come prepared with all necessary equipment and licenses. Remember that safety is crucial while in pursuit of prey using a bow – so stay sober, avoid using broadheads that have moving parts during archery night lighting regulations, and take care not only for yourself but also those around you while enjoying this adventure!