Michigan Deer Hunting Season: When Does It End and What You Need to Know


Michigan is known for its picturesque landscapes and abundant wildlife. It’s no surprise that hunting is a popular pastime in the state, with deer being one of the most sought-after game animals. If you’re planning to go hunting in Michigan this year, it’s important to know when deer season ends.

Deer Hunting Season Overview

Deer hunting season in Michigan typically runs from September 12 through January 1. However, there are different seasons depending on what type of weapon you plan on using and the specific location where you will be hunting. For example, archery season usually starts earlier than firearm season. Additionally, some areas may have extended or restricted seasons based on population management needs.

Late Antlerless Firearms Season

If you missed your chance during regular firearms season, don’t worry! There is an additional late antlerless firearms season that takes place from December 21- January 1 in select areas of the state. This gives hunters one last opportunity to fill their tags before the end of the year.

Rifle Zone Restrictions

It’s also important to note that certain parts of Michigan have restrictions when it comes to using rifles for hunting deer. In Zone 3 (which includes parts of southern Michigan), only shotguns with slugs or muzzleloading rifles are allowed during firearm and late antlerless seasons. This restriction aims at reducing long-range shots across flatter terrain which can lead to safety concerns among non-shooters nearby.


Before heading out into Michigan’s great outdoors for your next hunt , make sure you check local regulations and know exactly when deer-hunting season ends near your preferred area so as not break any laws while having all necessary permits/licenses; Happy Hunting!