Mississippi Deer Hunting Season: When Does it End and What to Know


Deer hunting is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Mississippi, but many people may not know when deer hunting season ends. If you’re an avid hunter or planning your next trip to Mississippi, it’s important to know the exact dates so you can prepare accordingly.

Season Dates

In Mississippi, deer hunting season typically starts on November 23rd and runs until January 17th for archery hunters. For gun hunters, the season is split into three segments: from November 28th to December 1st, from December 19th to December 23rd and from January 15th to January 17th.

Limits and Regulations

While deer hunting in Mississippi can be a thrilling experience for any outdoorsman or woman, it is essential that all hunters abide by state regulations. During each segment of gun season in most parts of the state, hunters are allowed one buck per day with a limit of three bucks total per year. The antlerless bag limit varies by region as well.

Beyond Hunting Season

For those who have missed the window for this year’s hunting season or just want more opportunities throughout the year, consider other options beyond traditional hunts. Many parks offer hiking tours where visitors can see live deer up close without harming them through Eco-Tourism initiatives such as bird-watching trips too that take place throughout springtime.


Keeping track of Deer Hunting Season dates and regulations can help ensure a safe experience while also being mindful about respecting wildlife populations within our ecosystems. Whether you’re interested in exploring new techniques like crossbow-hunting or just looking forward to another successful hunt during regular periods; visit local shops and forums offering tips on gear selection best suited towards optimal performance out there!