Mississippi Deer Hunting Season: The End Date You Need to Know


Deer hunting is a popular pastime in Mississippi. Hunters from all over the state and beyond come to hunt deer during the season. However, it’s important that hunters know when the season ends to avoid any legal trouble.

Hunting Regulations in Mississippi

The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks sets rules for hunting seasons each year. These regulations outline specific dates for both gun and archery seasons. It’s crucial for hunters to check these regulations before heading out into the field as they change annually.

When Does Deer Hunting Season End?

In Mississippi, deer hunting season usually ends on January 31st each year. This marks the end of both gun and archery seasons statewide. It is essential to remember that there may be additional guidelines or restrictions depending on your location within the state. If you plan on hunting in another state, it’s critical to research their laws beforehand.

The Importance of Following Hunting Regulations

There are many reasons why following hunting regulations is vital; first and foremost, it ensures conservation efforts stay intact so future generations can enjoy outdoor activities like this one too! Additionally, breaking these rules could result in hefty fines or even jail time depending on how severe an offense has been committed.


Knowing when deer hunting season ends in Mississippi is important information for any hunter planning their trip ahead of time. By being aware of local laws and regulations set by wildlife departments across different states makes sure everyone stays safe while enjoying this beloved activity together!