Tennessee Deer Hunting Season: When Does It End?


Deer hunting is a popular activity in Tennessee, attracting both locals and tourists. Every year, hunters are eager to know the start and end dates of the deer hunting season in Tennessee. This blog post will answer one such common question: when does deer hunting season end in Tennessee?

The Deer Hunting Season in Tennessee

The deer hunting season in Tennessee typically starts around mid-September and ends by late-January of the following year. The exact dates vary depending on several factors such as weather conditions and wildlife management policies.

Types of Deer Hunting Seasons

In Tennessee, there are different types of deer hunting seasons that you can participate in depending on your eligibility. For example, archery-only season begins before gun-hunting season, while muzzleloader-only season comes towards the end of it.

License Requirements for Deer Hunting

If you want to go deer hunting legally in Tennessee, then you must have a valid license or permit issued by the state’s Wildlife Resources Agency (WRA). There are various types of licenses available based on age group or residency status. Additionally, if it’s your first time going deer hunting or if you’re new to Tennessee’s regulations regarding wildlife conservation and game laws, attending an orientation class may be mandatory before obtaining your license.

Closing Thoughts

Before heading out into the great outdoors for your next adventure with nature – remember that safety should always come first! Familiarize yourself with all applicable rules & regulations beforehand so that nothing catches you off guard during this exciting time which marks an annual tradition enjoyed by many people throughout our beautiful state each year!