Texas Deer Hunting Season 101: When Does It End and What You Need to Know


Deer hunting is a popular outdoor activity in Texas. Many hunters enjoy the thrill of pursuing deer and the satisfaction of bringing home fresh meat for their families. However, it’s essential to know when deer hunting season ends in Texas to avoid any legal trouble.

Deer Hunting Seasons in Texas

In Texas, there are different deer hunting seasons depending on your location and type of weapon used. The general season starts in early November and runs through mid-January. However, if you’re using archery equipment or crossbows, you can start as early as late September and hunt until the end of January.

Bag Limits

It’s important to note that each hunter is allowed a specific number of bucks and does they can harvest per season. In most counties, the bag limit for antlered bucks is one per year. However, some special regulations may apply to certain areas where additional restrictions are necessary due to overpopulation or other issues.

Legal Considerations

To participate legally in deer hunting activities during open seasons in Texas requires obtaining valid licenses from the state government authorities concerned along with permits for harvesting various species according to laws governing such activities at federal levels.

Closing thoughts

Hunting offers an exciting way to enjoy nature while also providing opportunities for food procurement and conservation efforts. To ensure that you stay within legal boundaries while engaging this fantastic sport during open-seasons makes sure you follow all applicable rules regarding bag limits, permits required under specified regulations concerning weapons used by participants etc., thus enabling them access valued game resources available throughout these times without compromising compliance requirements mandated under relevant statutes enforced across geographies involved therein!