Alabama Deer Hunting Season 101: When Does it Start & What You Need to Know


Alabama is a mecca for hunters and anglers alike, with its abundant wildlife and stunning natural beauty. Deer hunting season in Alabama is an exciting time for enthusiasts as they can take part in a tradition that has been passed down through generations. However, it’s essential to know when deer hunting season starts in Alabama.

The Dates of Deer Hunting Season

The dates of deer hunting season vary depending on the type of weapon used, the region you’re hunting in within the state, and whether you are a resident or non-resident hunter. Generally speaking, archery season starts around mid-October and ends at the end of January. The gun season usually begins towards the end of November and lasts for about two weeks.

Permits Required by Hunters

If you plan on joining thousands of other hunters during this year’s upcoming deer-hunting seasons in Alabama, be aware that permits are required to hunt legally. A valid state license is required to participate in any outdoor activity requiring one; this includes fishing licenses as well as hunting permits.

Hunting Regulations

Deer hunting regulations tend to change from year-to-year; however, there are some fundamental rules every hunter should follow while out on their next adventure throughout Alabama. These include wearing appropriate clothing such as bright orange vests or hats so fellow hunters can easily identify them when out in heavily wooded areas where visibility may be limited or restricted – especially important during rifle seasons when shots could come from many different directions.

In conclusion: As enthusiastic as we all are about getting our hands dirty with nature while chasing game animals like deer here throughout Alabama; being mindful of what’s happening around us is crucial! So make sure your equipment meets legal requirements prior going into action during these upcoming big-game hunts because no amount of preparation could match up against law enforcement officers who have seen it all!