Alabama Deer Hunting Season: When Does it Start and What You Need to Know


Deer hunting season is one of the most anticipated times for hunters in Alabama. It is crucial to start preparing early, so you don’t miss out on the action. In this blog post, we will cover everything you need to know about when deer hunting season starts in Alabama.

Hunting Seasons in Alabama

In Alabama, there are three main types of deer hunting seasons: bow hunting season, gun hunting season and youth gun hunt days. Bow-hunting usually starts around mid-October and lasts until late January while the gun-hunting season begins from November 20th until February 10th. The youth gun hunt day happens during Thanksgiving weekend and provides an opportunity for young hunters aged fifteen years old or younger.

License Requirements

Before going out into the woods to hunt deers, it is essential first to have a valid license. There are different types of licenses available; however, general licenses cover most activities like fishing and small game animals such as squirrels or rabbits. To get a license in Alabama requires that you pass a hunter education course which teaches safety skills needed while handling firearms.

Best Places for Hunting Deer

Alabama has some of the best places for deer hunting worldwide; many factors influence the quality of these areas including food resources availability and habitat structures among others., Some popular public lands available include Black Warrior WMA (Wildlife Management Area), Choccolocco WMA amongst others but its best advisable always to check with wildlife management officials before visiting any area since rules can vary based on location.


In summary, deer-hunting enthusiasts should be prepared early enough by obtaining their required licenses before heading out into favorite spots located within Wild Life Management Areas across various parts throughout alabama state where they can enjoy themselves safely surrounded by natural beauty while also helping control the deer population. With this information, we hope you have a good idea of when deer hunting season starts in Alabama and what to expect during your next hunt. Happy Hunting!