Georgia’s Deer Hunting Season: Marking the Start of the Adventure


Hunting deer is a popular pastime in Georgia, and for those who are eager to plan their next hunt, it is important to know when the hunting season starts. Deer hunting season typically runs from September through January in Georgia.

Specific Dates

The specific dates for deer hunting season vary depending on the type of weapon used and the location where you plan to hunt. For example, archery season usually begins in mid-September, while firearms season typically starts around late October or early November. It’s important to check with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources for exact dates and regulations before planning any hunting trips.

Bag Limits

In addition to knowing when deer hunting season starts, hunters should also be aware of bag limits. This refers to the number of deer that can be killed during one hunting trip or over an entire season. The bag limit varies depending on several factors including location and weapon used. In some areas, there may be additional restrictions on antler size or gender.

Safety Considerations

While many people enjoy deer hunting as a sport or hobby, it’s important for all hunters to prioritize safety first and foremost. Always wear appropriate clothing and gear such as bright orange colors so other hunters can easily spot your presence in wooded areas. Additionally, practice safe gun handling at all times by keeping your firearm pointed away from yourself or others when not actively using it.


Overall, if you’re looking forward to hitting up Georgia’s beautiful wilderness this fall for some exciting deer-hunting action then make sure you have everything ready once the right time arrives! Remember: stay informed about local regulations regarding seasons/dates/bag limits etc., follow safety procedures closely every step of your journey into nature (and back out again), educate yourself beforehand so that you feel confident about what you’re doing, and most importantly have fun! Hunting can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience when done safely and with respect for nature.