Louisiana Deer Hunting Season: Everything You Need to Know


As a hunter, knowing when deer hunting season starts is crucial. It gives you an opportunity to plan your hunting trips ahead of time and prepare accordingly. In this blog post, we will discuss the start date for deer hunting season in Louisiana.

Deer Hunting Season Dates

In Louisiana, deer hunting season typically begins in mid-October and runs until late January or early February. The exact dates may vary depending on the specific zone you are planning to hunt in. However, most zones follow a similar schedule.

Licenses and Permits

Before you can go out into the field to hunt deer in Louisiana, make sure that you have obtained all necessary licenses and permits. This includes purchasing a basic hunting license as well as any additional tags or stamps required for hunting certain types of game such as antlerless deer or bucks with more than four points.

Hunting Regulations

It’s important to familiarize yourself with state regulations before heading out into the wilderness. For example, hunters are not allowed to use bait or lure animals onto their property during the open season for white-tailed deer unless it meets specific requirements set by law enforcement officials.

Additionally, firearms must be unloaded while traveling on public roads within 100 yards of wildlife management areas (WMAs) except if they’re being transported safely from one location to another using suitable cases designed specifically for this purpose.


Knowing when deer hunting season starts is essential information for any avid hunter in Louisiana. Be sure that you have all necessary licenses and permits before heading out into nature so that your experience remains safe and enjoyable without breaking any rules along with playing by fair chase ethics during your hunts!