Pennsylvania Deer Hunting Season: When Does It Start and What You Need to Know


Are you a hunting enthusiast wondering when deer hunting season starts in Pennsylvania? If so, you’re not alone. Hunting is a popular outdoor activity in the state and thousands of hunters eagerly await the start of deer hunting season each year.

The Dates

In Pennsylvania, deer hunting season typically starts on the Saturday following Thanksgiving Day and runs through mid-December. During this time, hunters are allowed to hunt white-tailed deer with firearms or archery equipment based on specific regulations set by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

The Regulations

While many hunters look forward to opening day each year, it’s essential to follow all relevant regulations. The Pennsylvania Game Commission sets these rules to promote safe and responsible practices during hunting season. Before heading out into the field, make sure you understand what’s required regarding licenses, permits, and harvest reporting.

Tips for Success

If you’re new to deer hunting or just want to increase your chances of success this year, consider some helpful tips:

1. Scout your location ahead of time.
2. Learn about feeding patterns and habits.
3. Consider using scent-control products.
4. Dress appropriately for weather conditions.
5. Stay alert while in the field.

By following these guidelines along with any additional recommendations from seasoned hunters or game wardens in your area may help improve your chances of harvesting a buck this season!


Deer Hunting Season is an exciting time for those who enjoy spending their days outside with nature! While we offer guidance above remember that safety should always come first as well as respecting wildlife populations & habitats within which they live- Hopefully with our tips combined with staying up-to-date on local regulations will lead towards an enjoyable experience.A successful hunt requires preparation both physically and mentally; so take care while venturing into unknown territories but most importantly have fun in the outdoors!