Hunting Season in Virginia: When Does Deer Hunting Start?


If you’re a hunter in Virginia, knowing when deer hunting season starts is essential. The state offers several seasons for deer hunting, so it’s important to know the dates and regulations for each one.

Bow Season

Bow season is generally the first opportunity to hunt deer in Virginia. This season typically runs from early October until mid-November. During this time, hunters are only allowed to use bows and crossbows to take down their prey.

Muzzleloader Season

Muzzleloader season typically takes place just after bow season ends, usually during late November or early December. As the name suggests, hunters during this period use muzzle-loading firearms that require manual reloading after each shot.

Firearms Season

The firearms deer hunting season is one of the most popular among Virginia hunters. It usually occurs during mid-December and lasts for two weeks. During this time, hunters can use any legal firearm to take down their prey.

Late Archery Season

Late archery season takes place at the end of January until February every year in Virginia. During this period, hunters may continue using bows and crossbows as well as any legal firearm allowed by law if they choose.


Virginia offers a variety of seasons for deer hunting with different weapons throughout the year – bow hunting starting off around October followed closely by Muzzle loader then Firearms before ending up with Late Archery Season which happens annually around January or February depending on how things fall into place that particular year! No matter what your preferred weapon or technique may be, ensure you follow local laws about safety measures such as wearing blaze orange clothing while out stalking these majestic creatures through their natural habitats!