Maine Deer Hunting 101: When Does the Season Start?


Maine is known for its vast and diverse wildlife, and deer hunting is a popular activity among locals and tourists alike. As hunting seasons become more regulated across the country, it’s important to know when the official start date of deer hunting season in Maine is.

Deer Hunting Season in Maine

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife regulates the state’s deer hunting season. The regular firearms season runs from late October through mid-December. There are also several other seasons available for specific types of weapons like bows or muzzleloaders that may have different start dates based on location.

Licensing Requirements

Before you go out on your hunt this year, be sure to obtain all necessary licensing requirements set by IFW regulations. Nonresidents must purchase both big game licenses as well as a white-tailed deer permit if they want to participate in any part of the hunt.

Safety Tips During Deer Hunting Season

While many hunters take adequate precautions before embarking on their journey; however, accidents can still occur during any given moment with firearms involved. It is best practice for hunters to wear blaze orange clothing whenever they’re out during daylight hours so that other people can spot them quickly from afar – especially when visibility may be low due to weather conditions such as fog or mist.


In conclusion, knowing when deer hunting starts in Maine means being able to plan ahead accordingly while keeping safety at top priority throughout each phase of preparation until completion at last! By following these guidelines set forth by IFW guidance around safety measures taken prior-to and during the hunt itself — anyone can safely enjoy this thrilling outdoor adventure nonetheless!