Pennsylvania Deer Hunting Season: When Does It Start?


Pennsylvania is known for its lush green forests and abundant wildlife. Among the many hunting opportunities available in the state, deer hunting ranks high on the list of most popular activities. If you’re wondering when deer hunting season starts in Pennsylvania, read on.

Archery Season

For those who prefer to hunt with a bow and arrow, archery season for deer begins in mid-September and runs through early November. During this time, hunters can take either antlered or antlerless deer depending on their tags.

Rifle Season

Rifle season usually starts around Thanksgiving Day and lasts for two weeks, ending in mid-December. This is when most hunters take to the woods with their firearms to pursue big game like whitetail bucks.

Muzzleloader Season

Muzzleloader season occurs right after rifle season ends and runs for a week until just before Christmas Eve. This primitive weapon-only period allows only single shot rifles that use black powder or synthetic substitutes.

Late Archery Season

If you missed out on your chance during archery or rifle seasons, don’t worry! There’s still hope during late archery season which begins at the end of December through January 18th (2021). Here hunters have another opportunity to bag an elusive buck with bows & arrows alone while adhering to regulations designed specifically for late-season hunts such as using scent-blocking clothing items.


Keep these dates in mind if you plan to go deer hunting this year in Pennsylvania so that you can adjust your schedule accordingly! Remember always follow all regulations concerning license requirements set forth by PA Game Commission as well as any local ordinances regarding firearm safety zones or other Hunting Rules Laws stated within township limits before embarking into wild terrain seeking prey fulfilling our ancestral human nature instilled within us.