The Flight Begins: Start Date for Dove Hunting Season


When it comes to hunting, Dove hunting is a popular choice for many hunters around the world. However, before you pack up your gear and set out on your expedition, it’s essential to know when the dove hunting season starts.

Season Dates & Regulations

The official start date of dove hunting season varies from state to state. In most states in America, the season typically starts in early September or late August and runs through October. It’s vital that hunters check with their local wildlife agencies for specific regulations regarding bag limits, shooting hours and equipment requirements.

Tips for Successful Dove Hunting

If you’re new to dove hunting or looking to improve your success rate this season, there are several tips you can follow. Firstly, scouting is crucial; knowing where doves roost and feed will help you set up your blind strategically ahead of time. Secondly, camouflage yourself appropriately- doves have excellent eyesight and can see colors like blaze orange from far away. Lastly chose ammunition wisely as smaller shot sizes such as 7 1/2s tend to be more effective than larger ones like BBs.

Safety Concerns

As with any type of hunting activity safety should always come first; therefore hunters must ensure they are well-equipped with protective eyewear’s and earplugs since shotguns produce loud sounds that could have negative impacts on one’s hearing ability if exposed continuously over extended periods.
Moreover ,dove hunts usually take place at dawn or dusk which means visibility may be low hence it’s essential only trained individuals fire firearms while adhering strictly to safety protocols.


In conclusion,dove hunting is an exciting adventure that requires adequate preparation beforehand.Hunters should note State laws regulating seasons,take necessary precautions during expeditions,and improve their chances by following tips provided above. And if you’re new to dove hunting, consider joining a local hunting club or reaching out to experienced hunters for more guidance. Happy and safe Hunting!