Everything You Need to Know About Duck Hunting Season: When Does It Start?


For many avid hunters, the start of duck hunting season is a highly anticipated event. But with varying regulations and dates across different states and regions, it can be difficult to determine exactly when the season begins. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at when duck hunting season typically starts in various parts of the United States.

Northeast Region

In most northeastern states such as Maine and Vermont, duck hunting season usually opens sometime in late September or early October. This is because waterfowl migration tends to begin earlier in these northern regions due to cooler temperatures.

Midwest Region

The Midwest region includes popular duck hunting destinations such as Missouri and Illinois. Typically, the opening day for duck hunting falls on the last weekend in October or first weekend in November. However, it’s important to check state-specific regulations as they may vary.

Southern Region

States like Texas, Louisiana, and Florida are known for their abundant waterfowl populations. In these southern regions where temperatures remain warmer later into the year compared to other areas of the country; duck hunting seasons often open later – from mid-November all through January.


While there isn’t a specific set date that governs when all states should start their Duck Hunting Season each year—each state will have its own set of guidelines regarding length periods too- generally speaking! It’s best described by “the earliest start times tend to occur up North while Southern States tend toward waiting until weather conditions improve.” Regardless though one thing remains constant: whether you’re an experienced hunter or just starting out; always make sure you follow local rules & regulations governing your area before heading out into nature!