The Definitive Guide to Hunting Season End Dates in Georgia

The End of Hunting Season in Georgia

As an avid hunter, knowing the end date of hunting season is crucial to planning and executing successful hunts. In Georgia, the end of hunting season varies depending on the type of game being hunted.

Deer Season

For deer hunters, the end date for most areas in Georgia will be January 10th. However, there are some counties with extended seasons until January 31st. Be sure to check your specific area’s regulations before heading out for one last hunt.

Small Game Season

If small game such as rabbits or squirrels are more your style, then you have a bit longer to enjoy hunting season in Georgia. The small game season typically ends on February 28th each year.

Turkey Season

The turkey season can vary depending on whether you’re bow hunting or using firearms. Bow hunters typically have a shorter window from March 21st to May 15th while firearm users get an extra week starting on March 27th and ending May 16th.

Knowing when hunting season ends can help manage expectations and make planning much easier so that you can make the most out of your time spent outdoors during this exciting time of year!