New York Hunting Season: Marking the End Date


Hunting is a popular pastime in New York, with thousands of hunters taking to the woods each fall. However, it’s important to know when hunting season ends so you don’t accidentally break any laws or regulations. In this article, we’ll discuss when hunting season ends in New York and what you need to know before heading out into the woods.

The Dates for Hunting Season in New York

The exact dates for hunting season in New York will depend on what type of game you are hunting. For example, deer season typically starts around mid-October and runs through December 22nd. However, if you’re looking to hunt small game like rabbits or squirrels, the season may end earlier (around February). Similarly, there are separate seasons for waterfowl and turkey as well.

How You Can Stay Safe During Hunting Season

While hunting can be a fun activity that brings people together who share similar interests and hobbies; it also comes with risks and dangers. To stay safe during hunting season make sure that you always wear bright orange clothing while out walking so other hunters can see your presence from afar. It’s also important not to walk around alone especially if it’s your first time participating in this activity; bring along an experienced hunter who knows all the safety precautions needed.

Penalties for Breaking Laws While Hunting

If found guilty of breaking laws or regulations whilst hunting – there are penalties that come with such actions ranging from paying monetary fines to facing prison terms depending on how severe your offense was deemed by authorities handling each case- these charges could have serious implications on both financial stability as well as personal life given their nature which involves firearms usage among others things too avoid getting into trouble familiarize yourself with all rules & guidelines related specifically towards where/when one wants hunt at any given time.


In conclusion, it’s important to know when hunting season ends in New York so you can avoid any legal issues and stay safe. Remember that different types of game have different seasons, and there are also rules and regulations you need to follow while out in the woods. By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to enjoy a fun and stress-free hunting season in New York!