NH Hunting Season: When Does it End and What You Need to Know


As the weather begins to change, outdoor enthusiasts in New Hampshire are gearing up for hunting season. Hunting is a popular activity that allows individuals to connect with nature and put food on their table. However, it’s important to know when hunting season ends in NH so you can plan accordingly.

Deer Hunting Season

The deer hunting season in NH typically starts around mid-September and goes until December 15th. During this time, hunters can use firearms or archery equipment to hunt deer. It’s important to note that there are different seasons for specific types of weapons used during the hunt.

Bear Hunting Season

Bear hunting is another popular activity among hunters in New Hampshire. The bear season runs from September 1st until November 16th. Hunters must obtain a special permit before they can legally hunt bears in the state.

Turkey Hunting Season

Turkey hunting is also an option for those looking to participate in the sport of hunting. The turkey season generally lasts from May through June each year. Hunters must have a valid license and follow specific regulations during their turkey hunts.

Coyote Hunting Season

Coyote hunting isn’t just allowed; it’s encouraged by wildlife officials because coyotes have become too numerous and cause issues with livestock farmers & smaller pets living near rural areas.Coyote season usually runs concurrently with other small game seasons throughout the year like squirrel or rabbit hunts.


Hunting has been part of American culture since its inception as one way people could provide for themselves without depending upon others’ charity back then.Nowadays,hunting has evolved into more than just a means of putting food on tables but also regarded as recreational activities that bring people together who share common interests.In New Hampshire,some rules govern how long certain animals can be hunted each year to ensure that the wildlife population doesn’t decrease too much. Therefore, it’s crucial for hunters and nature lovers alike to know when hunting season ends in NH. By being knowledgeable of the dates, you can make sure you’re adhering to state regulations while still enjoying your time in nature.