Pennsylvania Hunting Season: All You Need to Know About When It Ends

When Does Hunting Season End in PA?

Pennsylvania is a state known for its rich hunting culture. Hunting season typically begins in September and runs through the end of January, but this varies depending on what type of animal you are hunting.

Deer Hunting

Deer hunting season is the most popular and widely celebrated time of year for hunters in Pennsylvania. Typically, deer hunting season will last from late November until mid-December, giving hunters plenty of time to bag their trophy buck. It’s important to note that these dates can vary based on the specific region where you plan to hunt.

Turkey Hunting

Turkey hunting is another beloved pastime for many Pennsylvanians. Spring turkey season usually starts at the end of April and lasts until late May or early June. The fall turkey season typically takes place during October and November, allowing hunters two opportunities throughout the year to chase after these elusive birds.

Bear Hunting

Bear hunting is a unique experience that requires careful preparation before embarking on your quest for a bruin. In Pennsylvania, bear seasons are divided into various zones throughout the state with different opening and closing dates. Generally speaking, bear season runs from mid-November through mid-December.

In conclusion, there are several types of animals one can hunt in Pennsylvania each year with varying open and close dates depending on which animal they seek out: Deer Season (late November-mid December), Turkey Season (end April-late May/early June & October-November), Bear Seasons (mid-November through mid-December). Be sure to check local laws before planning your next outdoor adventure!