Tennessee Hunting Season: What You Need to Know Before It Ends

Hunting Season in Tennessee

If you’re an avid hunter, then you know that it’s important to stay up-to-date with the hunting season dates. This is especially true if you’re planning a trip to Tennessee for your next hunting adventure. So when does hunting season end in Tennessee?

Deer Hunting Season End Date

Deer hunting is one of the most popular types of hunting in Tennessee, and for good reason. The state has a large population of deer, which makes it a prime location for hunters looking to bag their next buck. In Tennessee, deer hunting season typically ends around the first week of January.

Turkey Hunting Season End Date

Turkey hunting is another popular activity among hunters in Tennessee. The state has ample turkey populations and offers plenty of opportunities for hunters to pursue these birds during the spring turkey season, which typically runs from late March through mid-May.

Waterfowl Hunting Season End Date

Waterfowl hunting is also available in Tennessee and includes ducks and geese. The waterfowl season usually begins around November and ends by late January or early February depending on weather conditions.

Small Game Hunting Season End Date

Small game such as rabbit, squirrel or quail are also enjoyed by many Tennessean hunters throughout fall months until February.

It’s important to note that specific regulations vary by county and wildlife management area within the state so be sure to check with local authorities before heading out on your hunt! Happy (and legal) hunting!