Mississippi Hunting Season: When Does It End?


For all the hunters in Mississippi, one of the most frequently asked questions is about the end of hunting season. Hunting is an age-old tradition that brings together people who share a love for the great outdoors and wildlife. But knowing when to call it quits can be a tricky business.

Hunting Season Dates in Mississippi

Hunting seasons are regulated by state laws, and they vary from state to state. In Mississippi, hunting seasons typically run from either October or November through February or March, depending on which game you’re after. For example, deer season usually starts around November 22nd and ends somewhere between January 17th -31st while turkey season lasts from late March until early May based upon different regions.

What Happens When Hunting Season Ends?

The end of hunting season doesn’t mean that you have to pack up your gear and wait for next year’s opening day. There are still plenty of things you can do during this time such as scouting new areas for next year’s hunt or practicing shooting skills at a range so that when next year rolls around, you’ll be ready.

Another important thing worth mentioning here is safety measures – now that hunting season has ended there will be more hikers or outdoor enthusiasts sharing public lands with hunters than ever before; thus obeying safety rules becomes even more vital than before.

Fines & Penalties

It’s essential to know when the legal limit comes into effect since going over could result in hefty fines and penalties breaking both federal regulations as well as local ordinances regarding conservation efforts set forth by authorities responsible for managing natural resources across states like fish & wildlife commission which monitors game populations throughout different regions within each respective state jurisdiction specifically focused on waterfowl management units (WMUs). Whether it’s bag limits per species type hunted within WMU boundaries or follow-through of regulations related to hunting licenses and permits, it’s crucial to abide by them strictly.


No matter what type of hunting you enjoy in Mississippi, it’s best always to be aware of the season dates and safety guidelines before heading out into the wild. As a responsible hunter, being mindful of these seasonal nuances will keep you from getting fined or penalized for breaking any laws. For those who want to continue their love for hunting even after the season ends, there are still plenty of other things that they can do until next year rolls around.