Idaho Hunting Season Explained: When Does It Start and End?


Hunting is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Idaho, and it’s essential to know when hunting season starts. Every year, hunters eagerly await the start of the season so they can hit the woods and fields with their guns or bows. It’s important to understand that hunting season varies depending on what type of game you’re after.

Big Game Hunting Season

For big game hunters, you’ll be excited to learn that hunting season in Idaho starts typically in August/September for archery elk/deer/moose/bear. The rifle seasons vary from early October through November depending on location and species hunted.

Bird Hunting Season

Idaho has an abundance of bird species that are open for hunting during specific times throughout the year. Generally speaking, upland birds like grouse, quail and chukar have a longer window starting September 15th running through Jan 31st while waterfowl such as ducks and geese have a shorter time frame beginning October 3rd until January 29th.

Small Game Hunting Season

Small game hunting usually begins around mid-September but check current regulations before heading out into your favorite spot! Squirrels are plentiful across much of Idaho with various rabbit/hare species found commonly too!

Closing thoughts

Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or new to Idaho’s great outdoors scene–now you know when to plan your next trip! Remember always check local regulations before going out into any area as well as being aware where private property lines exist (and be sure not trespassing). Happy Hunting!