When Does Hunting Season Start in Illinois? Essential Tips for the Outdoor Enthusiast


Whenever autumn falls, the hunters in Illinois can’t wait to get their guns ready as it’s a hunting season. Hunting is not only a recreational activity but also an essential step in controlling wildlife populations and managing habitats for future use. However, before hitting the woods, hunters should know when hunting season starts.

Deer Hunting Season

The most popular game animal that hunters look forward to during the hunting season is deer. In Illinois, the Deer Archery Season usually begins on October 1st and runs through January 17th of the following year. The first firearm season typically takes place between November 20th-22nd while the second firearms run from December 3rd-6th.

Turkey Hunting Season

For those who prefer turkey over deer meat or want to try something new this fall, Turkey seasons come at different times of year starting in April until May with various zones and counties opening on different dates according to state regulations. However, Fall Turkey Shotgun Seasons do occur during mid-fall but specific dates have yet been announced by IDNR (Illinois Department of Natural Resources) for this year.

Waterfowl Hunting Season

Another excitingly hunted species are waterfowls which include ducks and geese amongst others living around wetland areas throughout Illinois are open for hunters every fall till winter against limits imposed per species based on conservation efforts by IDNR.

In conclusion:
As we see here with these examples; hunting can be done all year round nowadays if you consider small game like rabbits or squirrels too! Although many people enjoy being out there with nature looking after endangered animals’ livelihoods while fulfilling themselves emotionally about returning home with game they can share within their community or prepare as fine table serving meals whilst respecting IDNR guidelines governing responsible behavior towards our environment conservation efforts concentrated especially in Illinois.