Louisiana’s Hunting Season Kickoff: Dates and Highlights


As an avid hunter or a curious observer, you may wonder when the hunting season starts in Louisiana. Well, the answer is not that simple since it depends on the type of game and location where you plan to hunt. In this blog post, we cover everything you need to know about hunting seasons in Louisiana.

Deer Hunting Season

For deer hunters, the season usually opens around mid-October and lasts until January. It’s also worth noting that there are different hunting zones within Louisiana with varying dates for opening and closing of deer season. However, always check with your local Parish Wildlife and Fisheries office for any updates or changes before heading out.

Waterfowl Hunting Season

The waterfowl hunting season commences around late November but ends at various dates depending on whether it’s coastal or inland waterfowl locations you want to hunt. The state has three zones designated by authorities each having its distinctest time frame; again, double-checking beforehand reduces unnecessary errors while planning your trip!

Turkey Hunting Season

Turkey hunters can start their spring hunt from early April till May-end every year as per professional regulations enforced upon nature conservation purposes preventing illegal acts such as over-hunting.

Squirrel Hunting Season:

Squirrel hunters enjoy a long-lasting season starting October 3rd through February end so they have plenty of opportunities throughout fall/winter months available without much hassle getting them done quickly if desired!

Bear & Alligator Hunting Seasons:

Louisiana offers bear hunts yearly only during select times between September & December annually according to specified guidelines set in place by wildlife management authorities governing these species’ population control measures while protecting citizens’ safety living near forested areas where these animals tend to reside.
Alligator hunts take place mainly during August through early October, and hunters must have a special permit to hunt during this time of year. The state lottery determines who can participate in the hunting season each year.


As we’ve seen above, Louisiana has multiple hunting seasons catering to different game species throughout the year but always check with your local authorities before planning your trip since rules vary from Parish to Parish and regulations change regularly. Happy Hunting!