Maine Hunting Season: Everything You Need to Know Before the Start


Maine is known for its beautiful wilderness, which is home to a wide variety of game animals. For many outdoor enthusiasts, hunting in Maine is an annual tradition that cannot be missed. However, before heading into the woods with your rifle or bow and arrow, it’s important to know when hunting season starts.

Deer Hunting Season

One of the most popular types of hunting in Maine is deer hunting. The state has both archery and firearm seasons for deer. Archery season typically runs from September through December while firearms season usually begins around Halloween and lasts until mid-December. These dates can vary slightly depending on where you are in the state.

Moose Hunting Season

Another exciting type of hunting available in Maine is moose hunting. This highly regulated hunt requires a permit that must be obtained through a lottery system as only a limited number of permits are issued each year based on population counts within specific wildlife management districts throughout the state.

The moose hunt spans four weeks starting at the end of September each year.

Bear Hunting Season

Bear hunting is also permitted in Maine during certain times of the year. Most bear hunters choose to use baiting techniques to attract bears towards their stand location but there are other methods such as hounding or stalking that may suit different people’s tastes better.

Bear season starts late August for baiting hunts and later on October 30th for dogs & traps


Hunting in Maine offers some great opportunities for those who love spending time outdoors and enjoy experiencing nature first-hand by pursuing game animals up close – just make sure you follow all safety precautions and obtain requisite licenses before heading out! Remember: always respect local laws regarding wildlife conservation efforts!