Missouri Hunting Season: When Does it Start and What You Need to Know

Missouri Hunting Season Dates

As hunting enthusiasts gear up for the season, it’s important to know when the hunt begins in Missouri. In general, the dates vary depending on the type of animal being hunted and where they are located. For example, deer hunting starts as early as September 15th with archery season, while turkey hunting usually begins in late October. The Department of Conservation sets these dates annually, so make sure to check their website for current regulations.

Licenses and Permits

Before embarking on your hunting trip in Missouri, you’ll need to obtain a license or permit from the state. It’s crucial that hunters follow all regulations regarding licenses and permits since failing to do so can result in penalties or even revocation of your privileges. Prices vary depending on residency status and age group (youth vs adult), but most licenses are available online or at designated vendors throughout Missouri.

Hunting Safety Tips

While experiencing nature is an enjoyable part of any hunting trip, safety should always be a top priority. Before heading out into the wilderness equipped with rifles or bows, it’s essential that hunters familiarize themselves with firearm safety protocols and practice proper handling techniques. Additionally, always wear appropriate clothing such as bright orange vests for added visibility during hunts.


Overall, if you’re planning a hunting trip this year in Missouri then knowing when each season starts is imperative to prepare correctly – whether you’re going solo or with friends/family members who share similar interests! Ensure you read through all rules & guidelines provided by organizations like The Department Of Conservation before obtaining necessary permits/licenses needed per specific area/location within MO too! Lastly–make safety your top priority every time out there; no exceptions–happy trails!