Montana’s Hunting Season: Dates and Key Information


Montana is famous for its wildlife and hunting season. Hunting enthusiasts from all over the world come to Montana to experience the thrill of the hunt. However, many people are unaware of when hunting season starts in Montana.

Hunting Season Dates

In Montana, there are different hunting seasons for different animals. The general firearms hunting season for deer and elk typically begins in late October or early November and lasts until the end of November. Archery hunters can begin their hunt as early as September 7th with antelope, and can continue through mid-October with deer, elk, bear, moose, bighorn sheep or mountain goat.

Licenses and Permits

Before you go on your hunt in Montana, it is important to obtain a license from the state government or authorized sellers such as sporting goods stores around town or online at FWP’s website. Hunters must also have a permit for certain species like bison or mountain goats which limit how many animals they can harvest per year.

Safety Tips

Hunting requires precision planning expertise; so before heading out into any wilderness area make sure that you’ve thoroughly prepared yourself by attending mandatory hunter safety courses offered by organizations like Fish Wildlife Parks (FWP). Always remember to bring essential equipment such as maps & compasses along with first aid kits too! Additionally – don’t forget about dressing appropriately because weather conditions can change quickly!


Knowing when hunting season starts in Montana is important if you want to plan an exciting trip full of adventure! With this guide filled with useful information ranging from dates down licenses permits safety tips – now you know what it takes not only enjoy but also stay safe while pursuing our favorite game animal species across gorgeous landscapes throughout Big Sky country!