NC Hunting Season 101: When Does It Start and What You Need to Know


Hunting is a popular outdoor activity for many North Carolinians. It’s important to know when hunting season starts to ensure you are following the proper regulations and safety measures.

Hunting Seasons

In North Carolina, hunting seasons vary depending on the type of game being hunted. For example, deer hunting season typically starts in mid-September and lasts until early January. Small game such as rabbits can be hunted year-round with certain restrictions. It’s crucial to check the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission website for specific dates and regulations before heading out into the woods.

Licenses and Permits

Before going hunting in NC, hunters must obtain proper licenses and permits. This includes a basic hunting license along with any additional licenses needed for specific game or locations like state parks or national forests. Hunters also need a big-game harvest report card to record their kills during deer season.

Safety Measures

While hunting can be an exciting experience, it’s essential always to put safety first. All hunters should wear bright orange clothing during open firearm seasons to avoid accidents with other hunters in the area. Firearms should always be treated as if they are loaded even when they aren’t, and keeping them pointed away from people is imperative.


If you’re planning on heading out into the wilderness for some hunting this season in NC, make sure you’re fully prepared by knowing when each hunt begins/ends, obtaining appropriate licenses/permits beforehand, following all safety precautions (including wearing bright orange clothing), so everyone stays safe while enjoying this cherished pastime!