Everything You Need to Know About Hunting Season in NJ: When Does It Start?


As a hunting enthusiast, one of the most crucial things to consider is when the hunting season starts in New Jersey. Hunting season varies from state to state and even by species, and being aware of the dates is essential to ensure you don’t accidentally violate any laws or regulations.

Hunting Seasons for Specific Game

In New Jersey, hunting seasons vary based on specific game types. For instance, deer season begins around mid-September and runs through December while squirrel hunting begins during September’s last week and goes up until February 28th. Turkey season starts in April and lasts until May 31st., whereas rabbit-hunting enthusiasts can begin their hunt in October but need to stop by the end of February.

Licensing Requirements

Hunting isn’t just about getting out into nature with your firearm; it also requires obtaining proper licensing requirements before heading out into the woods or fields. You must have a valid hunter education certification if born after January 1st, 1969, along with licenses for each animal you plan on taking down.

Hunters’ Safety Tips

Before heading out into the field this hunting season, remember that safety should always be top priority – both for yourself and other hunters around you. Always carry ear protection when firing your firearm so as not to damage your hearing over time. Wear suitable clothing depending on weather conditions like reflective vests so that other hunters may spot you easily even from afar.


Knowing when does hunting start in NJ helps hunters prepare mentally as well as regarding equipment such as firearms and ammunition suitable for different game animals available at different times throughout each year’s annual cycle. Follow all safety protocols while enjoying this thrilling sport!