Ohio Hunting Season Primer: Everything You Need to Know About When it Starts


As a hunter in Ohio, you might be eagerly waiting for the hunting season to start. Hunting is a popular activity in Ohio and provides an opportunity for hunters to enjoy nature while also contributing to wildlife management efforts. But when does the hunting season actually start? In this blog post, we’ll explore the details of the hunting season in Ohio.

The Dates

The dates of the hunting seasons vary depending on what type of animal you’re looking to hunt. Some seasons last just a few days while others can run for several weeks or even months. For example, deer gun season typically runs from late November to early December, while small game such as squirrel and rabbit can be hunted throughout much of autumn and winter.

Licensing Requirements

Before you hit the woods or fields, make sure you have all necessary licenses and permits. To legally hunt in Ohio, most hunters need both a general hunting license and specific tags for each species they plan to pursue. License fees support conservation programs that help maintain healthy populations of game animals.

Rules And Regulations

Hunting regulations exist not only to protect wildlife but also ensure safe practices among hunters themselves. The state sets bag limits which limit how many animals one person may harvest during any given time period; these are designed so that populations don’t become over-hunted leading to extinction or endangerment levels being reached unintentionally by those seeking out their prey.


Ohio’s natural beauty offers plenty of opportunities for hunters who want a challenging experience chasing after big game like white-tailed deer or smaller prey like rabbits & squirrels found throughout forests near urban areas where even novice shooters can find success! Keeping regulations always top-of-mind ensures safety not just for yourself but fellow sportsmen too – making everyone happy when it comes time sharing tales about your latest successful hunt!