Pennsylvania Hunting Season: When Does It Start and What You Need to Know

The Start of Hunting Season in Pennsylvania

As the cooler weather approaches, many hunters are eagerly anticipating the start of hunting season in Pennsylvania. The beginning of this season is a time-honored tradition for many Pennsylvanians, and knowing when it starts is crucial to planning their hunts.

Deer Hunting Dates

For those looking to hunt deer in Pennsylvania, rifle season begins on November 27th and continues through December 9th. Archery season opens on September 18th and runs until November 13th, with an additional late archery season from December 26th to January 16th.

Small Game Dates

Pennsylvania also has various seasons for small game hunting throughout the year. For example, squirrel hunting starts on September 11th and lasts until November 27th (with a winter squirrel season available from December 20th-January22nd). Rabbit hunting begins on October1stand finishes February28thsimilarlyPheasantseasonopensonOctober23rdandendsFebruary5thatyoutheseasonforallthreeofthesegamespeciesvarybetweenunitsfordetailscheckthePennsylvaniaGameCommissionwebsite

Licenses & Regulations

Before heading out into the woods for any type of hunting trip during these dates or otherwise, be sure to get all necessary licenses and permits required by law including landowner permission if necessary. Info can be found at PGC website as well details about current regulations such as how many antler points must there be before shooting deer depending on region etc.

In conclusion being familiar with both big games such as Deer along with smaller species like rabbits,pheasants,and squirrels will make your experience more enjoyable.Make sure you have proper documentation prior to leaving; know what days each animal can be hunted legally so as not breaking laws which could result in fines or other penalties. Happy Hunting!