Unpacking South Carolina’s Hunting Season: When Does It Start?


Hunting is a popular pastime and a cherished tradition in South Carolina. As the weather gets cooler, anticipation builds for the start of hunting season. For those eager to hit the woods, it’s important to know when hunting season starts in SC, so they can prepare accordingly.

Hunting Season Dates

The dates for hunting seasons vary depending on the species you’re targeting. For example, deer season runs from August 15th through January 1st in most areas of South Carolina. Turkey season usually begins around mid-March and ends around May 5th; however, some counties have different dates or regulations for turkey hunting. It’s essential to research specific dates and locations before heading out into the field.

Licensing Requirements

Before embarking on your next hunt, make sure you have all necessary licensing requirements in order. Hunting licenses are required for all hunters over sixteen years old who plan to take game animals or birds within South Carolina borders. Additionally, there may be other permits or tags that must be acquired depending on what species you’re hunting.

Safety Precautions

It’s crucial always to prioritize safety when out on a hunt—especially if you’re new to hunting or unfamiliar with the area where you’ll be going after game animals. Be sure always to wear hunter orange clothing while moving through wooded areas so other hunters can see you easily and clearly at all times during daylight hours; use proper firearm handling techniques when encountering wildlife; and avoid wandering too close near private property without permission from landowners first.


Knowledge of SC’s varied hunting seasons is essential for planning an enjoyable yet responsible outing into nature this year! Remember always respect private property rights by obtaining permission beforehand if needed (including leased lands), follow established licensing requirements as well as taking appropriate safety precautions to ensure an enjoyable experience. Happy Hunting!