Hunting Season in Washington State: What You Need to Know Before You Start


Hunting is a popular activity that many people enjoy as it allows them to get out into nature, hone their skills, and potentially bring home some fresh game. But before heading out on your next hunting adventure in Washington State, it’s important to know when the season starts.

Hunting Seasons

In Washington State, hunting seasons vary depending on the type of game you’re pursuing. The general hunting season typically runs from September through January each year. However, specific dates for different species can vary greatly. For example, deer hunting season typically begins in late September and ends in mid-November while elk hunting usually starts in early October and goes until the end of January.

Licensing Requirements

Before you head out on your next hunt in Washington State, make sure you have all the necessary licenses and permits required by law. Depending on what you are planning to hunt – whether big game or small – will determine which license(s) or permit(s) you need to obtain beforehand.

Safety Tips

As with any outdoor activity that involves firearms or weapons, safety should always be paramount when participating in a hunt. Make sure to follow all rules and regulations set forth by state officials regarding proper weapon handling techniques as well as wearing appropriate safety gear such as blaze orange clothing so other hunters can see you easily.


Whether an experienced hunter or just starting out; knowing when hunting season starts is critical information for those wanting to take part in this beloved pastime safely and legally within Wasington state guidelines.The tips above will help ensure everyone has a safe trip while enjoying this exhilarating sport!