Everything You Need to Know About Hunting Season in West Virginia: When Does It Start?


Hunting season is an exciting time for many people in West Virginia, and knowing when it starts can help hunters prepare for the upcoming season. In this article, we will discuss when hunting season starts in WV.

Hunting Season Dates

The start of hunting season varies depending on the type of game being hunted. For example, deer firearms season typically begins around mid-November and lasts for two weeks. Squirrel hunting season generally starts earlier than other types of game, usually during September or October. Turkey hunting has a spring and fall season with different dates each year that are set by wildlife officials.

Licensing Requirements

Before you head out into the woods to hunt in West Virginia, it’s important to understand licensing requirements. All hunters must obtain a license from the state before they are allowed to hunt legally. You can purchase your license online or at most sporting goods stores throughout West Virginia. Hunters must also complete a hunter education course before obtaining their first license.

Hunting Regulations

While it’s essential to know when hunting seasons start in WV, it’s equally important to understand regulations surrounding hunting practices in the state. Some common rules include bag limits on specific animals like deer or turkey and restrictions on weapons used while hunting certain species such as black bear or elk.


Knowing when hunting seasons begin is crucial if you plan on participating in this popular outdoor activity in West Virginia. It’s worth bearing all these factors before taking off into wilds so that everything goes smoothly and within legal boundaries during your next adventure!