Minnesota Deer Hunting Season: Everything You Need to Know Before You Go

Mark Your Calendars: Minnesota Deer Hunting Season Dates

Are you an avid hunter looking forward to the upcoming deer hunting season in Minnesota? If so, it’s important that you know when the official dates are. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has already announced the 2021 deer hunting dates for different regions across the state.

The Start Date

The beginning date of Minnesota’s deer hunting season varies based on where you plan to hunt. For most hunters, firearms season starts on November 6th and runs through November 21st in areas managed as lottery or managed hunts by DNR. However, there are some exceptions depending upon which permit area a hunter is in.

Licensing Requirements

Before packing up your gear and heading out into the woods this year, make sure that you have all necessary licensing requirements covered well ahead of time. A valid Minnesota Big Game License is required before any other license can be purchased and used during any open big game seasons in order to legally hunt big game such as white-tailed deer or black bear.

Safety Guidelines To Follow During Deer Hunting Season

As with any sport or outdoor activity, safety should always be your top priority while out hunting in the wilds of Minnesota. Always follow proper gun safety procedures and wear blaze orange clothing throughout your entire trip even if not shooting since many people will be out at same time within range who may potentially mistake others for animals they intend to shoot; therefore wearing blaze orange helps everyone stay visible throughout their trip.

In conclusion, knowing when the start date is essential for planning ahead & having correct licenses beforehand allows one access into legal zones whereas following proper guidelines ensures safe trips outdoors every-time! So gather up fellow hunters soon after purchasing licenses then keep each other updated throughout pre-hunting preparations towards upcoming opening days – this way everyone is set up for success and ready to score some big game in Minnesota’s beautiful woods!