Minnesota Deer Hunting Season 101: When Does It Start?


Deer hunting season is an exciting time of year for many hunters in Minnesota. It’s a great opportunity to get outdoors, enjoy nature and potentially bring home some tasty venison. However, it can be tough to keep track of the dates when deer hunting season begins and ends.

The Opening Day

The start date for Minnesota’s deer hunting season varies depending on the type of hunt you’re participating in and where you’re planning to hunt. For firearms hunters, the opening day typically falls on a Saturday in early November. Bowhunters usually have a longer season that starts at the beginning of September and runs through late December.

Hunting Regulations

It’s important to be aware of any changes or updates to regulations regarding deer hunting seasons from year-to-year. Check with your state wildlife agency regularly to ensure that you have up-to-date information about restrictions, permits, bag limits or other rules associated with Minnesota’s deer hunting seasons.

Tips for Success

Hunting deer can be challenging but very rewarding if done correctly. Here are some tips that could help make your next hunting trip more successful:

– Scout out potential areas before the start of the season
– Use scent control so as not to alert nearby animals
– Bring appropriate gear such as camouflaged clothing and high-quality binoculars
– Take shots within your range limit only

Knowing when does mn deer hunting season starts is essential if you want to prepare adequately for a successful hunt while following all relevant laws and regulations. Make sure you stay informed by checking official sources frequently so that nothing catches you off guard come harvest time!