Michigan Turkey Hunting: When Does the Season Start?


As turkey hunting season approaches, many hunters in Michigan are eager to know when they can start their pursuit of wild turkeys. With a variety of regulations and dates to consider, it’s important for those planning to hunt turkeys in Michigan to stay informed.

The Dates To Know

Turkey hunting season in Michigan is typically divided into several different parts. The first part, known as the “Spring Season,” usually runs from April 17th through May 31st. The second part, referred to as the “Fall Seasons,” varies by location and begins on September 15th or October 1st.

Licensing Requirements

In order to legally hunt turkeys in Michigan, hunters must have a valid small game license and a turkey permit. These permits must be purchased before heading out into the field for turkey hunting season. Those who plan on using a firearm or bow during their hunts will also need additional licenses depending on the type of weapon they’ll be using.

Hunting Regulations

Michigan has strict rules when it comes to turkey hunting that all hunters should be aware of before venturing out into the wilderness. For example, only male turkeys (also known as gobblers) can be harvested during the spring seasons while both males and females can be taken during fall seasons.

It’s also important that hunters follow safety protocols at all times while turkey hunting. This includes wearing appropriate clothing such as hunter orange gear and practicing proper firearm safety techniques.


Turkey hunting season is an exciting time for hunters across Michigan but it’s crucial that everyone stays up-to-date with current regulations so they can enjoy this sport safely and responsibly. By following these guidelines and restrictions carefully, you too can experience an unforgettable turkey hunt right here in our great state!