Wisconsin Turkey Hunting 101: When Does It Start and What You Need to Know


Wisconsin is renowned for its diverse range of hunting opportunities. From deer to bear, the state’s forests and fields offer exceptional chances for hunters to get their fix. But turkey hunting stands out as one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences. The thrill of stalking prey while navigating through picturesque scenery makes it a must-do activity for many hunters.

When does the Turkey Hunting Season Start?

In Wisconsin, turkey hunting season typically starts in mid-April and lasts till May-end. The exact dates vary each year, so it’s essential to keep an eye on updates from Wisconsin Department Of Natural Resources (DNR). Spring season is considered prime time for turkey hunts because this is when turkeys are relatively more active than during other seasons.

What Do You Need To Know Before Going On A Turkey Hunt?

Before you go on your first turkey hunt in Wisconsin, there are several things that you need to prepare yourself with:

  • A reliable shotgun: Choose a shotgun that can handle long-range shooting with precision.
  • Camo clothing: Wear camo clothes that blend well with natural surroundings.
  • Turkey calls: Practice using different types of calls such as box call or slate call before going out into the field.
  • Licensing & Regulations: Acquire all necessary licenses and permits required by DNR regulations; otherwise, you risk being caught poaching illegally.

The Importance Of Safety During Turkey Hunting

Turkey hunting requires skillful handling of firearms; hence safety should always be top priority throughout your hunt. Be sure only to shoot when you have a clear shot at your target, never point your firearm towards another person or animal accidentally- ensure your shots do not exceed appropriate ranges set by DNR regulations.

In conclusion, if you’re looking forward to a rewarding turkey hunting experience, Wisconsin is the place to be. Just ensure you have all the necessary gear and licenses required for your hunt, practice safety precautions at all times, and enjoy the thrill of stalking one of nature’s most elusive game species. Happy Hunting!