North Carolina’s Bear Hunting Season: Dates and Regulations


If you’re a hunting enthusiast living in North Carolina, knowing the bear hunting season is crucial. In this blog post, we’ll outline when the bear hunting season starts and ends in North Carolina.

Bear Hunting Season Dates

Bear hunting season differs from state to state, and even regionally within states. In North Carolina, black bear hunting season usually kicks off on October 12th and runs through November 16th everywhere except for Western North Carolina. For Western NC residents, their bear hunt commences on October 1st and extends all the way through November 17th.

It’s important to note that these dates are subject to change annually as regulations may be adjusted based on various factors such as population growth or conservation efforts.

Bear Hunting Regulations

Before heading out into the wilderness of North Carolina with your rifle in hand, it’s essential always to check with local regulatory bodies regarding any restriction changes or updates affecting hunters. Black bears can only be hunted by individuals possessing a valid big game license along with an additional $10 permit specifically for black bears.

During every individual harvest during a single hunt period will also require reporting within twenty-four hours using N.C.’s Big Game Harvest Reporting System online. Each hunter must report not just successful hunts but every attempted hunt at harvesting bears.

Failure to adhere strictly to these guidelines could result in enforcement action being taken against you – so make sure you read up first!

Closing Thoughts

North Carolinians take pride in their love of nature while still enjoying its bountiful benefits – including seasonal hunts like that of our beloved black bear! Knowing when (and how) they can lawfully do this is essential for those looking forward each year eagerly regarding its next go-around; so keep yourself informed by staying up-to-date with regularly scheduled communications between governing parties responsible for regulating such activities!