Everything You Need to Know About Pennsylvania’s Bear Hunting Season


As a Pennsylvania resident, you may have heard of the state’s hunting culture. Hunting is an important part of the Keystone State’s history and economy. But when it comes to bears, many people are unsure about when they can legally hunt them. In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about bear hunting season in Pennsylvania.

When does Bear Hunting Season Start?

Bear hunting season in Pennsylvania starts on the Saturday before Thanksgiving Day and lasts for four days. The 2021 bear hunting season begins on November 20th and ends on November 24th. This short period is known as the “firearm deer season” because it coincides with the start of white-tailed deer hunting.

How Many Bears Can You Hunt in PA?

In Pennsylvania, hunters are allowed to harvest one bear per license year (July 1 – June 30). Hunters must possess a valid general or archery/flintlock license along with a bear license during the designated seasons and within specific Wildlife Management Units (WMUs). The number of available licenses varies based on location and population density.

Where Can You Hunt Bears in PA?

Pennsylvania has over two million acres of public land open for bear hunting across different WMUs. These areas include state forests, game lands, parks, wildlife management areas, and federal lands like Allegheny National Forest. It’s essential to research your desired area ahead of time since some locations require special permits or reservations.


Bear hunting season in Pennsylvania is highly regulated to protect both hunters’ safety and wildlife conservation efforts. Aspiring hunters should always check current regulations before venturing out into the woods. Remember that proper licensing requirements must be met before pursuing any game animals within state boundaries! Happy (and safe) hunting!