When Is Bow Hunting Season in Michigan? Save the Dates!


As a hunter, it is crucial to know when hunting season starts and ends in your state. In Michigan, there are specific rules and regulations set for bow hunting season. Being aware of these guidelines will help you avoid any legal trouble while enjoying your outdoor adventures.

Bow Hunting Season Dates

Michigan’s bow hunting season usually starts on October 1st and lasts until November 14th for regular archery hunters. For those with a disabled permit or under the age of 17, the bow hunting season extends until December 31st. The second half of the archery deer season begins on December 1st and continues through January 1st.

Licenses Required

Before going out to hunt, make sure that you have obtained all necessary licenses from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR). All hunters must possess an Archery Deer License as well as a base license to be eligible to hunt legally in Michigan during bow hunting season.

Bag Limits

The bag limits for deer during archery seasons vary by zone throughout Michigan- it is important that hunters familiarize themselves with local laws regarding bag limits before heading into the field. In some areas such as Zone Three which includes Detroit area counties; Oakland, Macomb and Wayne – hunters can take one antlered deer per year but can obtain additional tags if they desire.


Knowing when to go out for bow hunting can mean everything between getting your game or not finding anything at all – especially with different species available throughout various times within each state’s individual guidelines! Therefore ensuring that you are following every regulation laid down by DNR will not only keep you safe but also preserve wildlife conservation efforts in Michigan so everyone may enjoy what nature has to offer now and in future generations!