Wisconsin Bow Hunting Season: Everything You Need to Know


If you’re an avid bow hunter in Wisconsin, you may be wondering when the hunting season starts. Bow hunting is a popular hobby for many Wisconsinites, but it’s important to know the dates and regulations before heading out into the woods.

Bow Hunting Season Dates

In Wisconsin, bow hunting season typically starts on September 12th and runs until January 3rd of the following year. However, certain counties have different start and end dates depending on local regulations. To avoid any legal issues while bow hunting, it’s crucial to check your specific county’s regulations beforehand.

Hunting Regulations

Wisconsin imposes several rules and laws regarding bow hunting for safety reasons. For instance, hunters are required by law to wear blaze orange clothing during gun deer seasons for their own protection from other hunters who may be using firearms. Additionally, all hunters must possess a valid license and tags for authorization.

It’s also essential to respect private property boundaries while hunting in Wisconsin. Trespassing without permission from landowners can lead to serious legal consequences.

Safety Tips

As with any outdoor activity or sport, safety should always come first in bow hunting. Hunters need to take precautions such as examining their equipment before every hunt and ensuring that they’re familiar with its functions properly.

Another vital aspect of safe bow hunting is understanding how far arrows can travel beyond targets – known as “arrow drop.” Hunters should also keep themselves secure by practicing defensive maneuvers if animals approach them unexpectedly.

Moreover, It is advisable not to hunt alone whenever possible so that someone else can watch each other’s back when necessary.


Bow Hunting Season in Wisconsin offers excellent opportunities for sports enthusiasts across the state; however there are potential dangers involved if safety measures aren’t followed closely! As long as hunters remember to check local regulations, practice safety guidelines and be respectful of private property boundaries, they can enjoy a successful and safe hunting experience.