Florida Deer Hunting Season: Dates and Regulations


Are you an avid hunter or a newbie looking to explore the hunting season in Florida? Before grabbing your gear and heading out into the wilderness, it’s essential to know when deer hunting season starts. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about Florida’s deer hunting season.

Florida Deer Hunting Season Dates

Deer-hunting enthusiasts can start preparing for their upcoming expeditions as early as July 1st, the starting date of application acceptance for permits. Initially, archery seasons commence from mid-September and last through February every year. Then General Gun season begins at Thanksgiving week and lasts until January. It allows hunters with firearms like shotguns, rifles, etc., during this time along with muzzle-loading guns on certain days that generally fall in October.

License Requirements & Regulations

Before hitting the woods during deer hunting season in Florida, don’t forget about getting proper documents required by local authorities; failing could result in hefty fines or even legal charges! Hunters are supposed to have a valid license issued by FWC (Florida Fish And Wildlife Conservation Commission) which is priced at $17 per person annually plus additional taxes based on factors such as age range or residency status. The harvest limit regulations also apply per person/per day/per tag limitations that depend on wildlife management areas since some may be more restrictive than others.

Safety Tips During Deer Hunting Season

While everyone wants an enjoyable experience while out there chasing their prey down but keeping safety measures intact is crucial always. Make sure your gear is appropriately functioning before leaving home so that any issues encountered later will not cause disturbance or discomforts amid already challenging conditions like weather changes etc.. Make yourself visible by wearing bright-colored clothing/hats/hoodies/etc., especially while moving around heavily forested areas where visibility might be reduced due to the vegetation. Ensure that you’re not hunting in restricted zones like residential areas, near highways, or any place listed as prohibited for safety reasons.


The deer hunting season in Florida is a fascinating time of year for many outdoor enthusiasts. However, it’s also essential to abide by rules and regulations established by local authorities around this period. We hope this article has provided enough knowledge about deer hunting season dates in Florida, license requirements & regulations you should adhere to while out there hunting the big game down safely!