Unlock the Secrets of Deer Hunting Season in Georgia: A Guide for Hunters


Deer hunting season is an exciting time for many hunters in Georgia. With over one million acres of public land and plenty of private property, there are ample opportunities for deer hunters to pursue their passion. However, knowing when deer hunting season begins and ends is essential before planning your next hunting trip.

Hunting Regulations in Georgia

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) governs all wildlife management regulations in the state of Georgia. Hunting seasons are established based on scientific data collected by DNR biologists and input from the public. The dates for deer hunting season vary depending on the region where you plan to hunt.

When Does Deer Hunting Season Begin?

In most parts of Georgia, deer hunting season begins in mid-September and runs through January 10th, with a break during Thanksgiving week. The opening day may change slightly each year due to variations in calendar dates or other factors that could influence the start date.

The Best Time to Hunt

Deer activity varies throughout the year as they follow seasonal patterns such as breeding or feeding habits. During November when it’s whitetail rutting season(when bucks are actively looking for does), it’s considered one of the best times to go out into a forest area because does become more active which means more bucks around them too!

Finding Places To Hunt

Georgia has several Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) that offer excellent hunting opportunities, with some open only during specific periods such as archery-only hunts or youth hunts depending on age limits set by DNR state officials.. Additionally, private property owners offering access can provide excellent options if you do not have access to WMAs.
To get started planning your fall/winter trips this upcoming Deer Hunting Season be sure you know where you want/can go!